When you are born, surely if you live long enough, you will experience disappointment in life.  Someone you work with, a friend, family member or other loved one will disappoint you.  Marriages, friendships,  relationships, circumstances, expectations, beliefs and careers are all things that sometimes breaks our hearts and brings us into the realm of disappointment and even disillusionment.  The true test of our character will be tested by these disappointments and separate the immature from the mature.  We learn some of our best lessons if we are willing to from states of disappointment.  How we decide to proceed once we have been disappointed by someone will delegate how quickly we recover from that disappointment.  I have experienced some epic disappointments in my life and each time, I was faced with the decision of how I was going to handle it.  In my youth, the responses I chose were not always the best way to respond.  Thankfully, I have grown tremendously since then and have learned to handle things in a much more mature manner.
Frustration, embarrassment, anger, shame, disbelief, resentment, fear and regret are all emotions you may experience when you are disappointed about something.  All are normal responses but not necessarily the right reaction to display when expressing yourself after being disappointed.  The most logical thing to do is take a deep breath, step back and retreat.  Most times it is best to just step away and clear your mind so you are able to think rationally.  It is hard to think rationally when you’re in the throws of any of the above mentioned emotions.  If a solution is needed, to find the solution and there always is one, you must remain calm and be able to use your head.  Feeling disappointed can affect your judgment and your mood for some time if you focus on the situation.  It is easier to focus on the problem sometimes than to find a resolution.  I am about finding resolutions and not wallowing in the problem.  Just because you can’t solve the issue immediately does not mean you need to continue to focus all your energy on the problem.  Once we have time to get past things and move on, we realize we have survived it and it’s done.  When we look back on our lives, we often feel a sense of amazement that we let it take us off track in the first place   Sometimes we have to stumble a little to find our way.

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