Homemade Pizza and Marinera Sauce

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Homemade Pizza and Marinera Sauce

I don’t know what is worse, canned pasta sauce or a frozen pizza.

Never mind, both are equally horrible.

To anyone that loves frozen pizzas, I apologize, but I don’t care what DiGiorno advertises, it still tastes like a frozen pizza!

I know, I know, you can always order delivery.

But, NO! Don’t fall into that trap! You can make your own pizza and have it taste a lot better than some pizza joint, unless you are in Italy. Then by all means go ahead.

Trust me when I say you can make your own pizzas taste better, it feels more sentimental that way 😉

While I’ve always liked pizza, I didn’t become a pizza lover until I started making my own. It’s just so much better than delivery, as well as a lot of fancy pizzerias.

An essential item to any cook’s repertoire would be a go-to tomato sauce. Whether you…

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