Food – Margherita Pepperoni Caprese Sandwich‏

Food - Margherita Pepperoni Caprese Sandwich‏

Margherita Pepperoni Caprese Sandwich‏

It’s quality ingredients that make this sandwich special, fresh mozzarella, Margherita pepperoni, garden homegrown tomatoes and fresh basil on an Italian roll.


Margherita pepperoni, enough slices to cover the roll
2 Italian rolls
six slices fresh mozzarella cheese or enough for two rolls
olive oil
1 fresh tomato
few leaves basil
salt, pepper


Slice pepperoni medium thickness and fry in frying pan until it’s charred around the rim and shrinks to a cup. Pat grease with paper towel.
Toast rolls.
On bottom roll place mozzarella cheese, drizzle some olive oil, salt and pepper, add tomato, add a little more olive oil and salt, and top with pepperoni.


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