Food – Kale Asian Beef Lo Mein


This recipe comes straight from my kitchen as I am committed to eating healthier and more green. I’m a big believer in eating well without spending all day slaving over the stove.  Here’s is what’s needed for this recipe. How much you need depends on how much you want to make.  Use your judgment on that.  I am also a huge fan of crock pots.  I love them.  I use mine often and it tenderizes the toughest piece of meat and it will just fall apart after cooking in your crock pot.


1 bag of chopped kale salad ( I use the one at Costco, it has shaved brussels sprouts, kale, cabbage, chicory etc. lemon poppy seed dressing)
1 bag of Asian cashew chopped salad ( I also use Costco for this one, it has savoy & green cabbage, carrots, celery, cilantro, cashews, sesame seeds, wontons, and sliced almonds, asian sesame dressing)
1 piece of Skirt Steak
sliced red, orange & yellow peppers
whole wheat spaghetti


I cook my steak on high in the crockpot for 3-4 hours in a small amount of orange juice and bourbon sauce.  Just enough to surround the steak but not cover it.  Once the steak is done, you can pull it apart with a fork and mix it with the juice it has cooked in, it should no longer be juice, but a gravy.  Cook your noodles on the stove according to the package directions.  I like thin noodles that cook quickly.

Mix kale salad, asian chopped salad, steak, peppers and pasta in a big bowl or pot.  I include the gravy from the crock pot and the asian sesame dressing included in the chopped asian salad.  If none is included in the salad you buy, you can purchase Asian sesame salad dressing at your local supermarket.  I use just enough to coat the salad, as I don’t like this heavily sauced.

Another way I prepare this dish is to use chicken breast instead of steak and Quinoa instead of noodles sometimes.  Either way it is delicious and healthy.  You can prepare it many different ways and I encourage you to experiment with it and let me know your results.  I enjoy this dish as a healthy alternative to the traditional Lo Mein which is stir fried.  All the produce ingredients are fresh and raw in this dish.  I do not cook them before mixing them in the dish. I also do not add any extra salt to this.  Bon Appetit!!!

While the steak is cooking, you could be doing any number of things you need to do.  The only food that requires your attention in this recipe is keeping an eye out for the pasta. Everything else is a breeze to do!  I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do.

recipe courtesy of Extraordinary & Dynamic Lifestyles



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