A Few Words – Prince and Chronic Pain



On April 21, 2016, we lost another great icon, Prince.  I have been a Prince fan since he burst onto the scene and I have always been in love with him.   If you never got a chance to see him perform live, then you really missed seeing a powerhouse dynamo!!! He was a phenom!! I had the privilege of seeing him live at Madison Square Garden some years ago and he was just awesome!!


He was diminutive in stature, but his giant talents made up for his lack of height.  His height couldn’t erase his talent or his love of the ladies.  He was an extremely good looking man, so I get why the ladies loved him.  He was another one who marched to the beat of his own drum.  He made it okay to be different, hell he made it sexy to be different.  He was true to himself.  He and Muhammad Ali had that in common.


Much has been said about how he died and his last days here.  The speculation was endless, but now that we have a cause of death, I feel I can say something about it.  Prince was known for his energetic and physical performances.  Over time this began to cause him problems and he was in chronic pain.  Most of us as we age are going to feel some pain.  All that crazy stuff we do in our youth does eventually come back to haunt us.  There are some though who are in chronic pain.  I know people who live with chronic pain and take lots of medicine that barely seems to help.  So I do not judge Prince because he gave us the best of himself and what he ended up with was pain!!


I am sorry that he and millions like him must suffer daily because our society does not fully acknowledge, treat and alleviate pain for chronic sufferers.  We expect people to just handle it, or take some watered down medicine that barely helps because we don’t want you getting addicted to powerful drugs that may help you.  People get addicted because the medicine is not being administered in a responsible way to begin with.  Most people in chronic pain would benefit tremendously from a lifestyle plan administered by multiple professionals working together to alleviate the problem, but this is rarely the case and I can’t say I understand why.  We have a long way to go as a society when it comes to helping people with certain issues, mental health, violence, poverty and chronic pain.  We need to do better!!!!


A Few Words – Muhammad Ali

As most of you know Muhammad Ali passed away on June 3, 2016, after a long battle with Parkinson’s Disease.  He was one of my heroes and I admired and respected him immensely   He was a champion and simply “The Greatest Of All Time.”ali2

Mr. Ali was more than a champion in the ring.  He was a man who stood up for himself and his people.  He was a man of conviction and decency.  He refused to fight in a war for a country that treated him as a second class citizen.  It cost him his title but he didn’t care. He stood tall, proud and determined.  He believed in himself.  He was a man who decided to be a man, he had to stand in his truth and handle the consequences which is something you don’t see often today!!!

alit ali

He continued to make a difference, stand up for people and fight the battle of Parkinson’s. He was an outspoken advocate and a source of strength for those who were also battling the disease.  He will be missed by all who loved him and by me.  He is one of many reasons I am so proud to be black!!!! RIP Mr. Ali, you fought the battles, now it’s time to rest!!!


22nd December 1971:  Muhammad Ali trains for his fight against the West German Jurgen Blin, with his daughters in tow.  (Photo by Central Press/Getty Images)

22nd December 1971: Muhammad Ali trains for his fight against the West German Jurgen Blin, with his daughters in tow. (Photo by Central Press/Getty Images)