Around the World – Italy

I have not posted in a while and so please forgive me.  I will also post several new blogs in the next few days.  I spent a good deal of the previous year traveling around the country and the world and I have enjoyed every single moment of it.  I would like to share some of my memories from these travels with you.  I hope I inspire you as much as you inspire me.

So I finally made it to Italy.  It’s a place I’ve wanted to go for most of my life.  I was in Milan, Bologna, Rimini and the Italian Coast.  Portofino, Sante Magherita, Rapallo as well as a few other places.  I loved the Italian Coast for its beauty, people and food.  It is so charming, romantic, stunning and lovely!!!

excelsiorhotelviews excelsiorhotellobby2 excelsiorhotellobby


While in Portofino, one of the hotels I stayed at was the Excelsior Hotel.  A 5 star hotel located at the top of the hill with such a spectacular view, I could barely say goodbye to when it was time to leave.  While you have a meal, you can take in the most magnificent ocean views.

viewsfromhotel viewsfromhotel3 viewsfromhotel2

portofinonight portofinowater portofinowater2 portofinowater3

I will never forget my time spent here and the wonderful, people, food, wine and time we had here.  I will be returning to the Italian coast again later this year, but will check out different towns and villages next time.  I suggest you get out there and see the world.  Don’t worry about language barriers.  Someone always speaks your language.


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