Hotels vs AirBNB

As many of you may know one of my many interests is travel and event planning.  It’s why I own my own agency White Orchid Travel & Events, LLC.    It is one of the many ways I’m able to use  my creativity to express myself and I love it.   I can only give my honest opinion which you may or not agree with.  As a woman of color,  I know that things can be different for me than my white counterparts.  So I am aware of this and although I don’t go around expecting to be treated differently,  I am keenly aware it could happen.

I do not recommend Airbnb for the above reason mentioned.  It seems that people of color, especially, black women are treated far more harshly and physically if something goes wrong or the host is unhappy about something.   I have seen the videos of women being manhandled, thrown down a flight of stairs, escorted by the police, etc.  I don’t go away and spend my money to be treated like that.   You cannot regulate people’s prejudices and stupidity.  You can only try to put yourself in as safe a situation as you possible can.  I know many women of color who have stated that they have had really good experiences using Airbnb and I’m happy that they have, but until all are treated well, it’s a concern.

The reasons I prefer a hotel over Airbnb anytime are simple.  A hotel wants your repeat business and referrals.  They count on them.  They will work with you and are much more open and flexible when it comes to checking out, extending your stay, meeting your needs, changing your reservation, etc.  In other words they will go out of their way to make it work if possible.  Worst case scenario and things can’t be worked out, they do not grab you, shove you, push you down stairs, throw your stuff out in the street, etc.  They call the police if necessary and ask them to escort you out.  Most people know when the police show up, its time to go.  However unpleasant, it’s usually an encounter that doesn’t end with physical removal.   Keep this in mind the next time you have to decide between the two.  I say do whatever works for you, but as for me, I will continue to use hotels over Airbnb every time.


Around The World – Long Island Wine Country

I recently had the pleasure of venturing out to Long Island Wine Country while being hosted by Sound View Greenport.  It was one of the most delightful experiences I’ve had.  The wonderful thing is that it’s 2-3 hours outside of NYC, my home base and it’s a completely different world.  I’m so glad I accepted the invitation from Site Unseen and ventured out to this charming and beautiful setting.

During my stay there, I stayed at Sound View Greenport, a property with decks and beachfront space in every room.  It’s a beautiful place with a really good restaurant, The Halyard.   The Halyard has a wrap around deck that I imagine gets plenty of use in the warmer summer months.  It’s a great spot to dine and take in the phenomenal views.

We were driven around town in this adorable restored trolley.

We took a boat ride to a historical lighthouse and explored what is was like to live in a lighthouse.

One of the wineries we visited was Macari Vineyards which specializes in events for groups.  We were greeted with a glass of sparkling wine and pie.  I had the pleasure of getting the blueberry cream slice, but honestly I sampled all the pies.  Macari definitely knows their market and makes some great wines.  They also have a space downstairs for small group tastings and they do a really good job of servicing their customer.

Another vineyard we spent time at was Palmer Vineyard.  This vineyard is more laid back and a great place to visit if you just want to hang out in the backyard and sample some wine.  It’s a great place to just gather with friends and enjoy a Sunday afternoon.

Long Island Wine Country is a beautiful place to enjoy some of the world’s finest wines.  It’s a short distance from Manhattan and well worth the trip.  The food is farm fresh, the wine is awesome and the scenery allows you to take a deep breath, let go, relax and breath!!!

White Orchid Travel & Events, LLC is happy to help you plan your Long Island getaway!!! Just reach out and let us know how we can help you.