Around the World – Melbourne, Australia

I recently had the privilege of visiting Melbourne, Australia.  It is a lovely cosmopolitan city that has so much to offer.  During my time there, I stayed at the Crowne Promenade Hotel which is part of a larger shopping mall that includes a casino, restaurants, food court, river walk, lots of shopping.  The convention center was a short walk from the hotel.  There was also a nice park and plenty of restaurants along the river walk leading to the convention center and hotel.  

While there I was able to leave Melbourne and venture into it’s suburban surroundings.  During this outing, I went to Sovereign Hill which is a replica town of what life would have been like during the gold rush years.  Yes you can still actually dig for gold.  Every so often someone gets lucky and finds a real gold nugget, but I did not!!!

After wandering around and sifting for gold, we had a lovely lunch at one of the restaurants, before heading to Black Cat Truffles to go truffle hunting.  No I did not find any truffles.  Both gold digging and truffle hunting are wonderful way to spend your time outside of Melbourne. 

And of course, there was food, food and more food.  Welcome parties, mingle parties, networking parties and of course a goodbye party.   I look forward to my next trip to the region and this time I will stay a lot longer, because there is a lot more to see and experience.  I will of course expand my trip by including New Zealand and likely Sydney next time.  Its a long plane ride, so staying a while is a better choice.  Good Day Mate!!!! 


Around The World – Long Island Wine Country

I recently had the pleasure of venturing out to Long Island Wine Country while being hosted by Sound View Greenport.  It was one of the most delightful experiences I’ve had.  The wonderful thing is that it’s 2-3 hours outside of NYC, my home base and it’s a completely different world.  I’m so glad I accepted the invitation from Site Unseen and ventured out to this charming and beautiful setting.

During my stay there, I stayed at Sound View Greenport, a property with decks and beachfront space in every room.  It’s a beautiful place with a really good restaurant, The Halyard.   The Halyard has a wrap around deck that I imagine gets plenty of use in the warmer summer months.  It’s a great spot to dine and take in the phenomenal views.

We were driven around town in this adorable restored trolley.

We took a boat ride to a historical lighthouse and explored what is was like to live in a lighthouse.

One of the wineries we visited was Macari Vineyards which specializes in events for groups.  We were greeted with a glass of sparkling wine and pie.  I had the pleasure of getting the blueberry cream slice, but honestly I sampled all the pies.  Macari definitely knows their market and makes some great wines.  They also have a space downstairs for small group tastings and they do a really good job of servicing their customer.

Another vineyard we spent time at was Palmer Vineyard.  This vineyard is more laid back and a great place to visit if you just want to hang out in the backyard and sample some wine.  It’s a great place to just gather with friends and enjoy a Sunday afternoon.

Long Island Wine Country is a beautiful place to enjoy some of the world’s finest wines.  It’s a short distance from Manhattan and well worth the trip.  The food is farm fresh, the wine is awesome and the scenery allows you to take a deep breath, let go, relax and breath!!!

White Orchid Travel & Events, LLC is happy to help you plan your Long Island getaway!!! Just reach out and let us know how we can help you.


Around the World – Niagara Falls & Buffalo, NY

First I have to say, I cannot believe I am a life long New Yorker and have never visited Niagara Falls.  I’ve gone through Buffalo before, but didn’t stop to experience what it has to offer.    This time I had a chance to experience both and I must say what a wonderful experience it was.

First of all let me say how breathtakingly beautiful Niagara Falls is.  I am so annoyed with myself for not visiting sooner and getting to experience the beauty of the place.  I was on the New York side of the falls staying in Buffalo.  I will definitely experience it one day from the Canadian side.  It is a must.

While in Buffalo, one of the things I experienced was a visit to The Darwin House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.  It is a beauty.  If only we lived in spaces like this now, at least in NYC we don’t.  It was truly stunning.

One of the must sees, especially if you are a Jazz fan, is the Colored Musicians Club which is historical and a treat for your ears and eyes.  You can listen to some of the most famous and pioneering artists who inspired the love of Jazz.

There’s also the Naval and Military Park for those who would like to experience some of the equipment and machinery used by our men and women in the Armed Forces.  Its an outdoor Museum dedicated to our military.

Lastly one of my favorite places was The Hotel Henry.  This unique hotel was at one point a psychiatric hospital.  The grounds are sprawling with 13 buildings.  The entire property has not yet been converted so there are still some of the old buildings on the property, but it is worth the trip.

Buffalo, New York and Niagara Falls is a quick flight or 8 hour drive from NYC and a great option for a weekend or midweek getaway.  The flights are affordable and so are the accommodations.  If you would like to arrange a nice getaway here or anywhere else or have any further questions, hit us up in the comments section.

Around the World – Italy

I have not posted in a while and so please forgive me.  I will also post several new blogs in the next few days.  I spent a good deal of the previous year traveling around the country and the world and I have enjoyed every single moment of it.  I would like to share some of my memories from these travels with you.  I hope I inspire you as much as you inspire me.

So I finally made it to Italy.  It’s a place I’ve wanted to go for most of my life.  I was in Milan, Bologna, Rimini and the Italian Coast.  Portofino, Sante Magherita, Rapallo as well as a few other places.  I loved the Italian Coast for its beauty, people and food.  It is so charming, romantic, stunning and lovely!!!

excelsiorhotelviews excelsiorhotellobby2 excelsiorhotellobby


While in Portofino, one of the hotels I stayed at was the Excelsior Hotel.  A 5 star hotel located at the top of the hill with such a spectacular view, I could barely say goodbye to when it was time to leave.  While you have a meal, you can take in the most magnificent ocean views.

viewsfromhotel viewsfromhotel3 viewsfromhotel2

portofinonight portofinowater portofinowater2 portofinowater3

I will never forget my time spent here and the wonderful, people, food, wine and time we had here.  I will be returning to the Italian coast again later this year, but will check out different towns and villages next time.  I suggest you get out there and see the world.  Don’t worry about language barriers.  Someone always speaks your language.

Around the World – Scotland

boatride br1 br2 br3 br4 br5

Scotland is known for its unpredictable weather.  We were taking a big chance going out on the boat, but we really wanted to see the views around the harbor and the bird sanctuary.  Of course the birds pooped on all of us, but hey, it’s supposed to be good luck.  Luckily for us, we made it back to shore before the raincloud that was following us unleashed it’s precipitation!!!

castle castle1 castle3 castle4 castle5

Scotland has so many Castles and so much Old World Charm.  It has so much history and the Scots seemed determine to maintain, respect and honor this history.

cs1 cs2 cs3 cs4 cs5 Scottishcountryside

The Scottish countryside is one of the most beautiful and lush landscapes I’ve ever seen.  Just majestic, serene, breathtaking and brilliant.  There are Lambs, Cows and Horses all along the landscape grazing on grass and just lazing about.  They produce some of the best beef and lamb in the world.  I fell in love with Scotland and plan to return again.  The people were friendly and welcoming.

bagpipeplayeredin5 Edinb1 edinb2 edinb3 edinb4maninkilt

I couldn’t complete the post without a few pictures of historically Edinburgh.  It is a bustling, metropolis full of history and great architecture.  You are surrounded by history in this city.  I had to give you Men in Kilts.  There isn’t much of anything you can’t find in Edinburgh.  All one needs to do is seek and ye shall find!!!

Around the World – London


Before landing in Scotland, I stopped in London first for a few days.  Unfortunately I did not get to spend as much time in London as I wanted.  I missed my first day due to airline delays.  I plan to return to visit this beautiful bustling city because it was so much I wanted to see and do, that I did not get a chance to do.  I’ve already starting my planning to return to this wonderful city!!  This was the view from my hotel.



There was fresh produce all around me.  I visited some of the produce stalls that busy Londoner’s shop at when they want fresh reasonably priced produce.  One thing I can say for sure is the food taste much better than the food we buy in America.   It was purer!!


Sorry to say I wasn’t in London long enough to figure out and master the Tram system.  It is on my To Do List when I return.

Around the World – Scotland



I recently had the pleasure of visiting Scotland.  I was in Edinburgh as well as spending some time at the Borders of England and Scotland in the countryside.   I will be posting more about my trip in the next few days.  This was the the road to Edinburgh Castle as we walked along to attend the Welcome Ceremony.





This is part of the grounds of Carberry Tower.  We were fortunate enough to get a tour and meet the new owners who are passionate about sharing this magnificent property with the world.  It apparently was once the childhood vacation home of Queen Elizabeth.  I can tell you it is beautiful and the grounds are just magnificent.



Direlton Castle and Gardens.  The Castle remains are a reminder of what was once a majestic and stunning place to call home.  The grounds are immaculately kept and it is a reminder of a time that this world will never see again.