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Like millions of Black women around the globe, I have joined the movement of wearing my natural hair.  Natural hair requires a different regiment and routine than relaxed hair.  It’s been a journey learning about my hair and how to properly care for it.  It’s a journey that I will always be on because I’m still learning and things change.  For this reason, I have added the category Natural Hair.  I will feature recommendations in this category as well as photos of women whose natural hair inspires me to keep going.  I do not use every method that will be featured so I am not recommending the method or vouching for it.  It is for informational purposes only.  Each of us has to figure out their own hair journey.  If I have tried a product and like it, I will let you know, otherwise it is not likely I have ever used the product.  Much love to all my Naturalistas out there and if you have a product that you just love and want us to know about, please let me know in the comment section!!!